[mythtv] [PATCH] ViaSlice QMatrix

Steven Cruysberghs steven.cruysberghs at tiscali.be
Mon Jul 5 14:41:14 EDT 2004

>> I'm was using the ddmpeg-1.6 available at http://www.ivor.it/cle266,  
>> however,
>> this had a bug in it that made me submit a patch for CVS which had 
>> the  field
>> order reversed. I've put up a new version of the ddmpeg library at
>> http://kenneth.aafloy.net/libddmpeg-1.7.tar.bz2
>> And attached a patch to CVS MythTV, which brings back what logically  
>> is the
>> correct field order.
>> I've added a printout of whether you have a revision of the cle  
>> chipset, which
>> the ddmpeg library will use hardware or software flip, this line should
>> appear right above 'Using VIA CLE266 Hardware Decoding', and it 
>> would  be nice
>> if you and others report this line, and what status you have with 
>> all  these
>> patches and the new ddmpeg library.
>> I've also modified the software flipping slightly, and this appears 
>> to  have
>> removed the slight picture bump some have been seeing.
>> Remember, always include kernel and kernel patches version, xfree  
>> version,
>> xfree via driver version, or else well never fix this crap :)
>> Kenneth
the results :

Image hangs after a few seconds (but it looks good for what its worth :-)

VIA CLE266 Using Softwar e FLIP.
Using VIA CLE266 Hardware Decoding
2004-07-05 19:36:09 Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
waiting for free video buffers timed out
waiting for free video buffers timed out

2.4.26-epia2 kernel
xfree 4.3.99
patched xfree source with xfree- and compiled 


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