[mythtv] Implementation of a virtual remote for TV package

Marcel Janssen korgull at home.nl
Mon Jul 5 14:06:11 EDT 2004

Hello Vincent,

> I want to implement a virtual remote into the TV package in order to
> replace key commands. Currently, I use a DialogBox in order to do this but,
> if it possible, I would prefer implement a graphic remote interface.

Do you mean a graphic interface that you run on another PC ?
If so, I'm also thinking of this. Actually I would like to use my laptop+IR 
transmitter (or wireless LAN) to build something similar like the Philips 
pronto remote control (only with a larger screen). 
So far I have not gotten any further than a plan due to lack of time though, 
but I defenately think that for a home theater some old laptops could do 
quite a good service for this purpose (specially when adding a touch screen). 
I didn't find any package that can do this already. If someone knows 
anythings, please let me know.


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