[mythtv] [PATCH] ViaSlice QMatrix

Curtis Stanford curtis at stanfordcomputing.com
Sun Jul 4 23:54:22 EDT 2004

My picture is horrible with all of these latest viaslice patches. I'm 
getting severe jaggies and things like text jiggle around so much it 
gives me a headache. Which version of X and via drivers are you guys 

On 4-Jul-04, at 3:02 PM, Steven Cruysberghs wrote:

>> Hi,
>> I've looked at the QMatrix and the possibility of removing the extra
>> viaslice
>> matrixes in mpeg context, but it looks it will either come to this 
>> patch
>> or a
>> reordering of the default qmatrixes with ff_zigzag_direct, which will
>> touch
>> to much code.
>> Kenneth
> I just tried this patch a couple of hours ago and it does make the 
> image a
> lot clearer. Without it looks as if you are recoding at a lower bitrate
> than you actually are.
> Playback with viaslice now looks the same as playing back recordings 
> with
> mplayer.
> I still have this weird problem with (I think) xv scaling with viaslice
> that doesn't seem to get initialised properly. After I have played a 
> movie
> with mplayer (or xmame game, ...) the same scaling is used with 
> live-tv or
> playing back recordings. Play a 400x300 avi, afterwards only the upper
> left corner of live-tv is visable.
> Playing back a recoding in mplayer and then back to live-tv fixes 
> things.
> Anyone else noticed this?
> Steven
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