[mythtv] Features and bugs?

Mattias Runge mattias at slacker.se
Sat Jul 3 09:52:22 EDT 2004

I just started using myth this week but have noticed some things I wanted to 
I'll start with the things that I believe to be bugs.

The video module stores absolute paths. This causes troubles when one changes 
where I mount my videofolder. Not that this should happen often but anyways. 
The musicmodule stores relative paths which I believe to be a much better 

I have also experienced troubles with the fontsize option, I selected big but 
it still uses medium. And in some places the option seems to not affect the 
fontsize att all. This problem occured when I did not connect my VGA-monitor 
anymore and just uesd the TV. So this may be something related to my xconf.

And then the feature things.

One simple little thing I think would be a good idea is to have the time and 
date shown somewhere when one cruises around the menu. If one syncs over the 
internet one always have a correct clock to look at.

When I for example read some news in myth I want to be able to listen to 
music. So in some way I want to be able to exit the music module without 
having to stop music. The same thing applies to the movemodule. I want to be 
able to watch a movie and then pause it because a tvshow I want to se is 
starting. Ofcourse I can forward to the same place in the movie again but I 
don't think it should be neccery.

Well I think that was all for now.

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