[mythtv] [PATCH] DVB Diseqc Troubles Solved (Was: Hauppauge DVB-s Nova / Hauppauge WinTV DVB-s patch)

Kenneth Aafløy lists at kenneth.aafloy.net
Fri Jul 2 18:15:17 EDT 2004

On Thursday 01 July 2004 21:55, Jörg Bakker wrote:
> Think I got it now :-))
> My multiswitch just needs a plain full DiSEqC sequence, it doesn't even
> work with the backward compatible methods. The patch from Christain just
> packs a full DiSEqC sequence into ToneVoltageLnb().
> It isn't executed because diseqc_port == 0 in my setup and the if condition
> before sending the DiSEqC command isn't true. Shouldn't diseqc_port == 0 be
> valid? Judging from tuning.diseqc_port > 3 is a condition for more than 4
> ports, it should.

I'm wondering if we should change the print statements to be diseqc_port + 1, 
or is that just confusing?

> The second little thing I did, was swapping the conditional assignment of
> 0 : 1 in the DiSEqC command when switching tone on or off. This yields to
> the same DiSEqC command as used in other DVB applications.
> It works great now, even without disabling DiseqcReset(). For the complete
> little patch, please see below.

Yay, actually this patch should be what is attached, but everyone probably got 
that already :)

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