[mythtv] mythfilldatabase not auto-running

Venky Raju dev at venky.ws
Fri Jul 2 14:28:39 EDT 2004

I had the same issue and tracked it down on my system to a problem in the
'housekeeping' table.

Try the following sql command:

	SELECT * FROM housekeeping WHERE tag = "MythFillDB";

If it returns no records or a record with a suspicious value for the
'lastrun' column, then do the following:

	UPDATE housekeeping SET lastrun="2004-07-01 05:00:00" WHERE tag =

This should fix things.  No restarts are required for the backend or
frontend.  The problem is due to the way the housekeeper thread determines
if it should kickoff mythfilldatabase in housekeeper.cpp.


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> Subject: [mythtv] mythfilldatabase not auto-running
> I seem to be having issues getting mythfilldatabase to autorun.  I have
> configured it to do so (via mythfrontend) on both my workstation (which
> doesn't have a backend, and the frontend is usually off), and on my main
> mythtv box (backend and frontend are always running), and yet it doesn't
> seem to run.
> mythfilldatabase runs fine if I run it by hand.
> I'm running cvs from a week or two ago.  happy to upgrade if this was a
> known issue.
> -Chris

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