[mythtv] [PATCH] Fix for crash using OpenGL vsync

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Fri Jul 2 12:45:38 EDT 2004

On Friday 02 July 2004 11:58 am, Doug Larrick wrote:
> In a later message:
> > Btw, is there any way to reliably reproduce this?  I can't get it to die
> > at all here with driver v.5336 with a GF4.
> John Poet and I both see it; I usually crash on playing back the 3rd
> recording, he on the 2nd.  I think we're both running 2.6 kernel so
> maybe it has to do with NTPL.  Maybe that's an argument for only using
> this workaround if it's a 2.6 kernel.

And I'm still on 2.4, and it's perfectly stable for me.  It very likely could 
be a NPTL issue.

> First thing I tried :-)
> Though I may take your suggestion and try to do so *from the main UI
> thread* just before shutting down the video playback thread.

Heh.  Well, how about a thread spawned from the main UI that just sits and 
does the sync stuff, but stops when asked by the playback loop?  Might be 
less impact on the playback code that way, and there'd be something running 
all the time doing something with GL that way.

If you want to convert vsync.c to C++, that'd be cool with me.  Maybe even 
break the thing out into classes, etc.


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