[mythtv] [PATCH] Fix for crash using OpenGL vsync

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Thu Jul 1 22:10:54 EDT 2004

On Thursday 01 July 2004 08:02 am, Doug Larrick wrote:
> The attached patch fixes a crash when starting to watch the second (or
> subsequent, if lucky) recording when using OpenGL vertical retrace sync.
>   I believe the underlying cause is a bug in the nVidia OpenGL
> implementation; in fact, some searches indicate this same bug existed in
> some older SGI OpenGL implementations so maybe they've simply used a
> reference implementation for this part of the standard.

Patch doesn't feel right.  That usleep in there is going to cause problems, I 

It may be a slightly cleaner workaround to send a message to the main UI 
thread to tell it to do something with GL after playback has ended, or to 
spawn off a class + thread that can receive a similar message.  Still have a 
thread 'using' GL that way, and it'd not change any of the current logic.  

Also, is the GL code cleaning up after itself properly?  I'm seeing a call to 
XOpenDisplay + a couple XCreate??, but nothing to get rid of em..


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