[mythtv] Question about keybindings

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Jul 1 11:48:14 EDT 2004

I don't use MythtWeb so perhaps it is in there and you can just point me 
to that, but:

Is there a way to remap keys in a particular window (like Watch 
Recordings) so that my keys are different than the global keys?  So for 
example if I wanted to have my MENU = global INFO and my TOGGLERECORD = 
global MENU, can I define this somewhere to only apply to the Watch 
Recordings screen?

If not, would there be interest in such a feature to MythTV to allow 
users to configure their keys like this so that any screen could be 
remapped in a way the user likes without having to touch the code making 
the process more dynamic?


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