[mythtv] 1'000 euro reward for VPS sourcecode

Hanno Wagner wagner at rince.de
Thu Jul 1 07:39:37 EDT 2004


<zitiere wer="sven">

> Why didn't you use xmltv ?

VPS is not "time-based", it is "show"-based. This means there is a
signal within VBI (as far as I know) which has the start-time of the
current show coded within the vbi-stream. The videorecorder looks
out for this signal and only starts recording when the signal and
his program matches (eg, film shall start at 20:15, there is a delay
due to urgent news and the film starts in reality at 20:30. The
VPS-Signal of the film has the value "20:15" and will start at 20:30
when the film starts.

I think it is very useful, at least in germany are some channel who
support this feature. I'd love to have it included into myth, but I
am not sure wether this is possible.

Btw, ShowView is a different system; it codes everything you need
for recording a show into an algorithm, including the channelname or
-type. But this is trademarked.

Ciao, Hanno

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