AW: [mythtv] 1'000 euro reward for VPS sourcecode

sven mythtv-dev at
Thu Jul 1 05:02:04 EDT 2004

> The "euro-sign" didn't work and has been replaced by a question mark. Th
> reward is 1'000 euro!
> Hi all
> I really like mythtv! The only thing that I still need is a VPS module
> (video program system, I'm not a coder
> but I would really like to have such a module.... so, I offer 1'000 euro
> reward
> for the first person sending me the working sourcecode (under GPL of
> course).
> If you have further questions please feel free to contact me.
> Thank you, sven
Why didn't you use xmltv ?
no internet connection on your mythbox ?
if not, you can try nextview epg that allow to exporte to xmltv format


VPS is about starting the recording when the show starts. 

20:45-22:45 - EM live
22:45-23:15 - Simpsons

I want to record the simpsons but unfortunately there's a 1:1 after 90
minutes and the game goes on... 

Without VPS: I get the end of the game
With VPS: I get Simpsons because the recording starts when Simpsons is

The System also know as PDC (program delivery control) is very common in
europe especially in germany, austria and switzerland.


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