[mythtv] [PATCH] mythvideo cd support

Xavier Hervy maxpower44 at tiscali.fr
Thu Jul 1 03:38:23 EDT 2004

Hi Matt,

thx to try it
Matt Porter wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 30, 2004 at 06:26:17PM +0200, Xavier Hervy wrote:
>>My patch should be clean now, sorry for my dirty patch ;-)
> Much better.  After I got the first one building, it didn't
> properly launch the media handler...then the new patch appeared.
> There's still a couple warnings 
Warning is normal because i use virtual function that used some 
parameter in parent class but not in child
> and a few debugging couts left,
I believe that i remove all fo them ?
> I didn't have time to do much debugging (had to rebuild for
> debug and go to work), but the VideoBrowser segfaults in several
> scenarios when manipulating removable media. I'm successfully
> able to get it to autoadd and then select a movie from the VideoBrowser
> to play.  However, if I eject the media, then select the movie it
> gives me the dialog to reinsert "CDROM". At this point, whether I
> select Retry or Cancel or have the media inserted/removed causes
> a segfault.  videotree works fine like the original patch...haven't
> tried ejecting there.  I'll debug when I get home if somebody hasn't
> already fixed the issue.

Strange. did you try to do the same thing in videogalery or in videotree 
  (with the option "show new file" disabled) ?
>>TODO :
>>-optimize getNumVideo in VideoFilterSettings i.e. execute query only if
>>on criteria have change otherwise return the old store number
>>- optimize display in videogallery
>>- integrate parentallevel in videofiltersetting class then the number of
>>video display in filterdialog and in videobrowser will be the same.
> One thing I'd like to add once it's stable is the assignment of a human
> readable ID tag so if I select something from the browser it will ask
> me to insert the media tagged "FOO".  It would make it easy to find
> the correct optical disk in say a folder of a hundred.
Yes, i would like to do something like that. probalbly when you insert 
the first time the media, and allow to modify this tag in editmetadata.
somebody tell me that they used "book" to store cd like me then i was 
thinking to add an entry in video setting wich is a pattern. then for me 
i can put "Page %1" then when you insert a media you could select Page 
1, page 2, .... Page n, or enter a name yourself.

I will retry videobrowser to find what is wrong.


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