[mythtv] capture problems

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Jan 31 23:51:57 EST 2004

Andrew Mahone wrote:
> For reference, I have some images:
> http://user.pa.net/~dbblm/good.png
> http://user.pa.net/~dbblm/bad.png
> The good image is on frame before the bad one.  The rest of the recording 
> resembles the bad image, making it pretty much unwatchable. I first noticed 
> in a recording from Wednesday night, these frame are from one Monday morning.  
> I can also get it to happen in livetv by changing channels a few times, and 
> it has (a few times) started spontaneously after starting live tv, as it did 
> in the recordings.  I can trigger it with no filters, with both ffmpeg and 
> RTjpeg encoders.  I can't reproduce it with tvtime, so I don't *think* it's a 
> v4l drive issue, although that's possible (I update my kernel about a week
  ^^^^^^^^^^----- It is. This is when it happened--------------^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> ago).  I've already tried rebuilding with more conservative CFLAGS, which 
> doesn't seem to fix it.  I'll try building a few older revisions to see if I 
> can find one that doesn't do it.  Can anybody else using software capture and 
> recent CVS MythTV reproduce this?

This appears to be a bug in bttv-0.9.12 that happens on resets
either right at the channel change or at random times while
recording. Check your kernel logs and you'll see the driver
reported errors at the same time. Given enough time, all
recording will end up in this state. The fix is to downgrade
to bttv-0.9.11 :


Even if the bad 9.12 code was included in your kernel dist.,
you can safely install the 9.11 modules with no compatibility

--  bjm

PS The adjust filter is fantastic! More later...

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