[mythtv] [Draft] Filter documentation.

Kenneth Aafl°y ke-aa at frisurf.no
Thu Jan 29 23:25:51 EST 2004

D Banerjee [davatar at comcast.net] wrote:
> From: "Kenneth Aafl°y" <ke-aa at frisurf.no>
> > > Let me rephrase: the deblocking/deringing has almost no
> > > visible effect.
> >
> > Does mplayer do the same thing?
> no, mplayer -vf pp looks quite nice actually. Seems to use 
> about 10% less cpu than deblock/dering through mythtv. I
> assume this is what the filter defaults are doing.

Hmm, must be doing something wrong then, unless mplayer has
modified the postprocess filters without putting it back
in libavcodec. For the load issue, try adding HAVE_MMX2
or HAVE_3DNOW to your line in settings.pro with MMX.


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