[mythtv] [Draft] Filter documentation.

Andrew Mahone andrewmahone at eml.cc
Thu Jan 29 23:07:42 EST 2004

On Thu, 29 Jan 2004 21:52:20 -0600, "Robert Kulagowski"
<bob at smalltime.com> said:
> Do we need to say anything about not checking "Deinterlace Playback" if
> specifying the linearblend filter?  How does using the Deinterlace
> Playback checkbox interact with a filter chain?  Is it cumulative?

I just checked, and it looks like "Deinterlace Playback" puts linearblend
at the head of the chain, with a comma before custom filters if any are
given.  This should interact fine with other filters used as custom
filters at playback.  If you prefer kerneldeint to linearblend, you
should enter it as a custom filter, and uncheck "Deinterlace Playback".
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