[mythtv] [Draft] Filter documentation.

Kenneth Aafl°y ke-aa at frisurf.no
Thu Jan 29 20:33:32 EST 2004

Bruce Markey wrote:
> A question was also raised about playback filters and hardware
> decoders. It would be great if someone with PVR-350 TV-out
> could try the invert filter for playback. Same for the cle266(?).

I can only speak for the cle266 at the moment:

The cle266 filters should definatly be disabled, as the hw slice
engine uses the previous frames to decode the next. And if they
are changed by filters, you'll probably get some very funky
results. The filters should (if not already?) be disabled in
MythTV for the cle266 untill someone decides to write code
that will copy each frame to a separate buffer before doing
filtering on it.


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