[mythtv] Some bugs

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Wed Jan 28 22:31:40 EST 2004

On Wednesday 28 January 2004 07:51 pm, Bruce Markey wrote:
> Here are some bug that I know of right now. I don't believe
> that any of these are critical but may nice to have them fixed
> if the solutions are low impact.
> Someone pointed out recently that Program Finder lists do
> not include titles with quotes in them. This appears to be
> true and probably needs to have quotes quoted somewhere but
> I'm not sure where.

Fixed, at least, as far as I can tell.  They would show up in the list of 
programs, but it segfaulted here when I tried to see the showings.  Need to 
start switching things to the QSqlQuery::prepare/bindValue stuff so we don't 
have these problems =)

> Also, in the Program Finder, if a program that is scheduled
> to record is in the right column and selected (blue bar) the
> text appears as active (white) rather than the record color
> (green or orange or whatever).

Fixed, though I'm not sure why it was explicitly disabled before.

> Several people have mentioned that global post-roll may not
> be working. In a quick test, this appears to be the case.
> If someone familiar with the code could find a low risk fix,
> that would be great but I suspect that this might have an
> interaction with the record state of a record in progress
> after the endtime has passed.

Seems to be working fine here.  It _did_ require a backend restart before to 
make the setting change get noticed, so I just made it reload on every start 
of recording.

> I've been seeing an intermittent problem where the function
> RemoteGetAllPendingRecordings may not be returning all of the
> scheduled recordings or at least the thread calling it does
> not receive all of the results. This can sometimes truncate
> one or more entries from the end of the list. I've seen each
> of the following at least once.

Think I got this fixed.  Problem was the don'trecord list getting transmitted 
before the record list -- it was only setting the number of items to the 
record list.

Any more easy ones? =)


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