[mythtv] [Draft] Filter documentation.

Henk Poley hpoley at dds.nl
Tue Jan 27 10:50:30 EST 2004

> Van: Steven Cruysberghs <steven.cruysberghs at tiscali.be>
>> About the filters, in MythTV 0.13 my backend and/or frontend 
>> crashes when I try to set a channel specific filter. I guess 
>> this is known behaviour and fixed in the upcomming v0.14?
> I'm using CVS and the filter stuff seems to work just fine.

Hmm, a Gentoo package maintainer said: "I'm waiting for .14 which
simplifies some build procedures.  Should be out in a week or so."

So I'll just patiently wait. :-P

> I'm capturing 720x576 without problems with a celeron 2.4 but I'm using
> a PVR250...

Doh, a PVR250 will even do on an EPIA... (though those have hardware
playback acceleration). Well, I use a Terratec Cinergy 600, that's a
'normal framegrabber' card.

> My TV out is also set to 720x576 (PAL). Untill now I was
> using the standard deinterlace playback option (do you know what filter
> that option uses?)

>From the original mail:

"- The "linearblend" filter

This is the filter that is used when "Deinterlace playback" has been
checked.  It is a simple deinterlacing filter that ignores parameters,
and works by blending adjacent lines.  It replaces combing in interlaced
video with a less distracting "ghost" image."

> but I'll try switching this to kerneldeint.

Kerneldeint looks smoother to me. Actualy my mother (yeah..) mistaken the
Myth output with the real output (though the PiP I used actually tells
which is the real one..)

Just disable the deinterlace widget, and put a plain 'kerneldeint' into the
Custom filter box. I think the deinterlace widget needs a overhaul to be
able to chose both types of filters.

And having a general overall recording-filter option would be handy too.

	Henk Poley <><

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