[mythtv] [PATCH] new uitypes and use in the program finder

Jason Rosson etiam at pacbell.net
Tue Jan 27 04:50:55 EST 2004

here's a patch and some new files of a new uitype
for implementing a gui keyboard widget for mythtv.

it's pretty much done but there are some things
that could still be added.  i implemented a cell
phone style keyboard, but a more full fledged
keyboard should be pretty easy with the new uitype.

i added this new widget (phoneentry) to the program
finder as well.  if you hit '1', it'll popup in the
top right corner and allow you to enter text.  as
text is entered the list of shows narrows down to
match what you've typed (like most cellphones).
you can still scroll up and down (but not left and
right).  when you're done hit 'select', or hit
'escape' to cancel and go back to where you were.

i've used it for a few days but it probably still
has some bugs.

i really don't use the program finder much myself
but thought it could be a good example of this widget.
the 'select music' screen in mythmusic comes to
mind too.

if people like it maybe something like it could be
used for general text entry with a remote.

since it's all kinda big (some images) i'll just put
it on my webpage instead of attaching anything.

there's a gant-ui.xml file in there that you can cut
stuff out of for your ui.xml.  and 2 source files
(phoneentry.cpp, phoneentry.h) which go in libs/libmythtv.
the patch should have everything else.

anyway, lemme know if i missed something or it just
doesn't work.


  - jason


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