[mythtv] [PATCH] - Additional duplicate detection controls

Joel Feenstra joelf at altelco.net
Mon Jan 26 14:31:07 EST 2004

Well, it is in the advanced recording screen so normal users wouldn't 
notice anything. The problem is that there isn't much screen real estate 
for explanation of what the option is. If you ask me, there should be an 
associated comment at the bottom that does some explaining (kind of like 
in the setup wizards). But, that's way beyond me. Most of what I've 
changed is really just an extension of what has already be implemented 
in the new scheduler, so I don't think it's going to introduce new bugs.

Joel Feenstra

Bruce Markey wrote:
> Joel Feenstra wrote:
>> That seems to be exactly what I wanted/did. I didn't do anything with 
>> the episode number, but I just added the new options to the advanced 
>> recording screen, so it is on a per show basis. I would not know where 
>> to begin with the episode number thing, so I'll let him go for that 
>> one. Just one less thing for him to worry about I guess.
> The episode numbers are moot at this point because we don't
> have any. However, if two showings each have an episode number
> and they match, they should be considered duplicates for any
> duplicate matching method. Therefore, they should have no
> impact on the "fall back" text matching method chosen.
>> ...I don't know how far up on that list this was, 
> Pretty close to the top for me at this point. I spent about
> a year arguing against this because the old scheduler didn't
> show all of the episodes that weren't scheduled to record and
> there was nothing the user could do (easily) to record episodes
> that the scheduler would skip. Every lengthly thread on the
> subject was filled with comments that showed that the users
> would, more often than not, misunderstand the impact of other
> matching methods and how the user could blindly miss episodes
> that they would have wanted.
> However, my attitude changed after David added overrides and
> record status information in his scheduler. Now you can see
> every showing and the reason it was skipped. The user can
> not only force an episode to record but can examine why it
> was skipped and rethink which method they should use for that
> title. I even anticipated this feature when updating the dialog
> text for "P" status. This is intended to let the user know
> that she may have the wrong method if this was a showing
> that she wanted to record.
> Still I believe there needs to be some user documentation
> to really explain the impact of each duplicate policy and
> give examples of how some of the policies don't work as
> expected for many shows and give tips on situations to watch
> out for. I would be will to tackle this but not right now.
> IMHO, I don't believe this should go into 0.14 at this point
> but soon after so that it can get a thorough shake down before
> 0.15.
> --  bjm
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