[mythtv] [PATCH] - Additional duplicate detection controls

Bruce Markey bjm at LVCM.COM
Mon Jan 26 18:09:44 EST 2004

David Engel wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 26, 2004 at 03:58:31PM +0000, Joel Feenstra wrote:
>>Hope I approached it correctly. Comments are welcome, but I've been 
>>using it and it seems to work fine.

Somebody finally stepped up to the plate. Woh'd a thunk it ;-).

> Chris Pinkham has plans to add this.  I'll let him chime in on where
> it currently stands.  Anyway, IIRC, the approach was to add a new
> per-show option that specified how to detect duplicates, e.g. title
> only, title + subtitle, episode number (if ever available), etc.

I agree that Chris should chime in. As I recall, the idea was
to add a checkbox for If Deleted on the advanced options page
and add the other match types to the list. However, adding items
with and without If Deleted makes sense too and saves precious
real estate.

I'm surprised by how small the patch is but, hey, it it does
the job... 8-)

--  bjm

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