[mythtv] Mplayer PVR-350

Boleslaw Ciesielski bolek-mythtv at curl.com
Mon Jan 26 10:45:32 EST 2004

> The mplayer patch playes only mpeg1/2 content. If you want a player to
> watch mpeg1/2 films you can also use mythtv's player (use the command
> 'mythtv %s' in mythvideo setup). This gives you synced audio, since
> mythtv pushes the whole stream to the pvr's decoder. The Mplayer patch
> will demplex the stream and send video to the decoder and audio to the
> soundcard. While mplayer has the ability to play ac3 streams mythtv will
> only play mpeg1/2 video with mp2 audio (and only if there is only one
> video stream, so .vob files won't work in most cases)

Given the above, is it possible to rip a DVD in such a way that

1. The video stream does not have to be re-encoded (ok for audio)
2. The resulting mpeg file is playable using mythtv on PVR-350 TV-out?

Simply doing a "perfect" rip using MythDVD results in playable video (well, at
least for the one DVD that I tried :-), but no audio. I presume this is because
audio stays ac3 instead of being trascoded to mp2?

Thanks for any help,


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