[mythtv] Alternative commercial flagging method

Johannes Niess linux at johannes-niess.de
Sat Jan 24 08:08:41 EST 2004

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Am Samstag, 24. Januar 2004 13:35 schrieb Liam:
> I've been playing with the commercial flagging routines and have come up
> with a method that works well with the half-dozen british programmes I've
> tried it on. It works in much the same way that the Scene Change +
> Blankframes with different logic for deciding where boundries are. I don't
> see any reason why it shouldn't work with US shows.
> Liam


I did not read your patch, but picture format might be anoter usable factor. 
Many movies are 16:9 but I've not seen commercials in that format.

An algorithm could average over some frames and find black pixels in the 
relevant area on the top and bottom, but allow for logos outside the 16:9 
picture size. E. g. declare everything with more than 80% black in that area 
as non-commercial.

To detect if a movie is in 16:9 (and the new algorithm can be applied) the 
algorithm should use a couple of sample points during the whole recording. 
Checking every 5% should give good statistics.

Johannes Nieß
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