[mythtv] Re: Multiple tuner conflict resolution bug or feature?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Jan 18 15:31:19 EST 2004

David Engel wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 18, 2004 at 08:16:27AM +0200, Stephen Davies wrote:
>>On Sat, 17 Jan 2004, Mark Chou wrote:
>>>Like I mentioned
>>>earlier, it's really tough for me to fathom someone still wanting to
>>>have an encoder for live-tv purposes if they have myth.
>>Live sport.
> Schedule it to be recorded through the guide, then watch it very near
> live as it is being recorded.  

Agreed. If you find something you want to watch to the end
while channel surfing, press O-R, M-R or in 0.14, just R to
start recording ASAP. If it is a sport that may have overtime,
you can then go to the EPG and record the show that follows.

An alternative is M-I(-I again) to get to the advanced options
page where you can choose a profile and add post-roll time.

> Pros:
>   You don't have to worry about accidentally hitting the escape key
>   and losing the ringbuffer.

...or channel up/down, or a jump point key, etc.
>   You don't have to worry about the fragility that sometimes plagues
>   live TV.

If either the frontend or backend crash you would lose the
ringbuffer. If recording, a frontend crash doesn't matter
and if the backend crashes and is restarted, you can still
watch the portion from before the crash and the portion
after the restart.

>   If something magical happens and you wished you'd recorded the whole
>   event to save it for posterity, you've got it all.
>   If something happens and you have to leave, you can pick up right
>   where you left off when you get back.

If you are called away for a long time, the ringbuffer
will eventually be overwritten. You can watch a recording
several hours, or even days later.

But there is something even more important for sporting events
here. If you are recording, you can go check the schedule,
schedule something you see in a promo (I do this a lot =) and
are free to come and go as you please. You can't leave the
ringbuffer. Sporting events can often run three hours or more
so they are the #1 thing where I do not want to be stuck in
the buffer.

--  bjm

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