[mythtv] MPEG2->MPEG2 commercial cut code in CVS

DBakker at arrayasolutions.com DBakker at arrayasolutions.com
Sun Jan 18 11:59:32 EST 2004

ok. some files transcode fine and some dont. I run out of audio buffers. I 
did a test by cranking the buffers up to 500 and still didnt work. What do 
you need from me to help debug this?

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Re: [mythtv] MPEG2->MPEG2 commercial cut code in CVS

On Sun, 18 Jan 2004 10:03:52 -0500, "DBakker" said:
> The transcoding still doesnt work for me. If I use mythtranscode -i
> <file> 
> I get a tmp file that has no video and plays about 1/2 sec of audio 
> 5 seconds. The file size about 92% of the orginal. Is this working for 
> anyone? If so can you share your card type, firmware level, ivtv level
> and 
> recording settings

a) what are you watching it with?
b) what are your ivtv settings?

If I use -i, the video play fine in mplayer.  Using 'x' from playback
gives me a stream that plays fine in mythtv
Since the new code can update the markup table, you should probably use
it when ding a manual transcode.

I record with either a PVR-250 or M179 card.
My settings are 720x480, DVD-Special 2 4:3, 8Mbps/16Mbps (NTSC)  I've
used several ivtv versions, though I'm now around 0.1.8, and have used
most of the availiable firmwares (though I now use 2.04.211)

I have tested this with about a dozen samples (all from different
sources), and they all work fine for me using one of the above players
(well, the HDTV sample without GOP frames doesn't work yet)

As I've said before, the transcoded files WILL be ~10% smaller due to
removing the PAD frames.  This may result in some players not liking the
streams, but both of the above seem to do fine with it.

The only way I can fix problems now is to get examples that don't work. 
I need at least 15 seconds of video, or however much is needed to exhibit
the problem, as well as exactly what you are doing.  This only applies if
you are using one of the above players.

I seem to recall you saying you were playing them with Windows Media
Player.  To my knowledge WMP doesn't include an MPEG2 codec, so you must
have gotten one from somewhere.  If you tell me precisely which codecs
you are using, I can try to dupicate the problem on my Windows box, but
as I already know the streams aren't all that compatible with other
players, I'm not too surprised.

The above may also apply to playing with a PVR-350.  I'm not sure if the
streams are compatible enough to play through the 350's decoder.  I do
plan to add padding and otherwise make the streams more compliant, but I
may need to ditch libavformat as it really doesn't seem to be compatible
enough today.

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