[mythtv] Re: Multiple tuner conflict resolution bug or feature?

Mark Chou mechou at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 18 00:32:28 EST 2004

Heh, I completely agree with Bruce's suggestion here.  Live-tv, if
desired, should choose the "last" available card.  Like I mentioned
earlier, it's really tough for me to fathom someone still wanting to
have an encoder for live-tv purposes if they have myth.

But I'm still not clear on the overall plan/intended usage model here.
In this thread people have mentioned rankings, preference for "best
encoder," all encoders treated the same, etc.

The issue I see with the "best encoder" advocates is that they tend put
the onus of work on people who would like "equal" treatment for all
encoders, namely some manual intervention required to record programs on
turners other than the first.  I guess I'm still not clear whether these
two distinct "modes" of usage are still going to be supported (i.e. no
manual intervention required for those in "all tuners equal camp").

What's the consensus on this?

Bruce Markey wrote:

Hum, there have been threads like this before and I believe
the correct solution is to look at it the other way around.
Change the function that selects the card for live-TV so that
it chooses the last available card rather than the first
available card (only a few characters to change). The last
card is least likely to have a scheduled recording. The next
to last is the next least likely, etc. This way liveTV abusers
won't be prompted for a recording that is about to start until
all cards are in use. The scheduler then won't need to do
anything special to accommodate novice users who still think
they're supposed to channel surf ;-).

-- bjm

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