[mythtv] IR input ports on cable boxes -- how to drive?

Stuart Felenstein stuart4m at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 17 17:16:33 EST 2004

I have a SA 3100. Mine also has an IR port but from reading the information on SA's web page it's strictly for controlling a vcr.  I just assumed that was the final word on the matter.  
So just to understand, with the connection the Tivo, where did you schedule your recordings from , the Tivo EPG or controls or from the cable box itself ?  SA sells some kind of blaster, that plugs into the port of the 3100 and then has a blaster at the other end to dangle in front of the the vcr.
David Shay <david at shay.net> wrote:
I have a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2200 box which has an "IR" port (stereo plug) on the back.  With my Tivo (which has an IR out stereo plug on the back), I simply use a straight-thru stereo plug patch cord, and I am able to drive the box very reliably using this approach.  Note that the Tivo IR out port also accepts the actual IR blasters as well.
I have an EPIA M10000-N using mythtv.  I currently am using LIRC to accept input for my PVR-250, and this works well, but I am now trying to hook up through the digital cable box and need to either drive an IR blaster as well, or preferably use the IR port and avoid the IR blaster all together.  Does anyone know if I can use a cable which connects a DB-9 serial port to a phone plug to drive this using lirc?  If so, any idea of the pinouts?  The Tivo comes with a serial cable to phono plug cable -- would this one work?
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