[mythtv] Myth music enhancements

Dan Conti dconti at acm.wwu.edu
Sat Jan 17 15:31:15 EST 2004

How do you plan on addressing UI controls? Most of the buttons are
repurposed when you switch to a different part of myth, so how are you
supposed to pause or skip to nexttrack on audio?

You have some good ideas, but you are really breaking with the design
philosophy of myth here. It seems like what you really want is a separate
box to act solely as a music server, in addition to a few new features in
mythmusic. This would make a lot more sense, at least to me.

With regards to iTunes support, i can help out with .m4a/.aac playback, but
there's not much you can do with .m4p (itunes protected content). Apple has
some magic encryption going on there.

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> First,
> Excuse the long email.  Just want to make sure that I do not waste mine or
> anyone else's time before going forward with the following.  This is not a
> wish list, but rather a scope definition that I have already
> begun work on.
> I have been a long user of MythTv and quite happy with most aspects of it.
> However, the music plugin is not quite the home theater app I
> would like to
> see it turn into.  I have been looking into this and would like to see it
> have the following features:
> 	1)  Be able to continue to play music when out of the plug
> in.  I.e.  Could
> be selecting programs to record, could be looking at the weather, at an
> extreme even being able to watch tv, but listen to music.  At
> present music
> play stops as soon as one exits the plugin.
> 	2)  Be able to send music to alternate or multiple sound
> cards at same
> time.  For example in my setup I would like to be able to watch
> tv, but also
> send music to my second amp feeding whole house audio via a second sound
> card.  (Can Linux do this - do'nt know yet - will be adding 2nd sound card
> to my test box this week sometime).
> 	3)  Be able to remotely (From other computers) control the
> music (Play,
> pause, rewind, change playlist, etc).  Most likely via very thin music
> clients
> 	4)  Ultimately be able to play music playlists for the myth
> gallery plugin,
> even different sound tracks for different directories (i.e., wedding
> pictures play wedding music, kid pictures play kid stuff, etc).
> 	5)  Better categorization and smart list features.  Tie-in
> with Mood logic
> would be cool.  Tivo supposedly has this feature now.  Ratings on music
> would also be a neat feature.  Right now I have a lot of comedy
> tracks that
> are funny as heck, but just not appropriate for kids.
> 	6)  Better, easier navigation of library and playlists.
> Current setup to
> me is just cumbersome.  Really would like to see creating
> playlists easier.
> Add a feature like smart lists that automatically add new songs that meet
> the smartlist criteria.  Mythweb might be the right way to do this...
> 	7)  AAC, mp4 mpa (pick your favorite) decoders so I can
> play AAC and in the
> future - itunes files (that I own) with Myth.
> 	Those are the major features I would like to see.  Before
> proceeding any
> further with this just wanted to get some ideas about whether these are
> features others see a benefit to and whether my general approach
> will work.
> 	My general thought at this time is to break the music
> plugin into two
> separate processes.  One would be the playlist selection and gui aspect of
> the music process.  The other would be a completely separate
> spawned process
> that sits in the background and plays music.  It takes commands from the
> sockets that tell it to play, pause, skip, etc.  Also what
> soundcard to use,
> etc.  It then returns information such as current track information, where
> in the track it is at, etc.
> 	Thus, a user can come into myth music select a playlist,
> start playback and
> then exit and go do other things all the while music still plays.  Or I
> could be in my study, select a playlist and start playback for the whole
> house audio, all the while someone might be in the basement / media room
> watching live tv on the myth box.
> 	Obviously on single sound card setups there has to be
> checking by MythTv
> and Music to make sure the sound card is not being used and obviously
> provide a prompt to override or not.
> 	I have taken current CVS from a few days ago and already
> broken the gui
> process from the music playing piece.  I already have the skeleton of the
> player piece working.  Have a custom frontend right now that I test with.
> Still a lot of work to go, but the basic piece is there.  One
> thing I had a
> bit of debate about was whether to pass the playlist to the
> player directly
> or let it get it from the database.  I am leaning towards the database
> approach for the following reason.
> 	- Much faster.  I often just select all my music and let it
> randomize it.
> Passing 10,000 tracks of information to the player could take a
> while and in
> actuallity be a waste of time and bandwidth as I never listen to
> 4 weeks of
> music straight.  Thus, creating the playlist in the database with pointers
> and just passing the right playlist ID into the player would be a much
> faster and better use of resources.
> 	The one thing I have questions or concerns about are the
> visuaalizers.
> Personally I could care less about them as I do not sit in front of my tv
> and watch the visualizations.   But others may have different
> opinions.  My
> concern is that all of the music data will be in the non-gui player.  Thus
> for a visualizer to work it would need to get data from the
> player.  In all
> honesty I do not know how much data these require.  Is it 20
> points of data
> every 500 ms or is 1000 points of data every 100ms.  Also, since this is a
> low priority to me It is not a piece I would initially concentrate on.
> However, there are probably other opinions on this...
> Do any of the Myth developers have thoughts or questions about this
> approach?  Are there any active changes going on with mythmusic right now?
> I know that there is the DAAP project going on and see that it
> has stolen a
> lot of the code from myth music.  Not sure if the plan is to integrate the
> two together or if they will remain separate entities.
> Not promising anything in regards to time as I am in the process
> of a major
> remodel of my kitchen, but I am anxious to get this audio piece working.
> Since this is a major revamp to the program and it may take some
> time to get
> it implemented how is that handled in the source code trees.  Is it
> mythmusic2 and then someday the original just goes away?
> Appreciate the feedback.
> Scott
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