[mythtv] [PATCH] minor denoise3d fix.

Andrew Mahone andrewmahone at eml.cc
Wed Jan 14 06:58:07 EST 2004

Bah, I just found one more thing I missed in denoise3d.  The new code was 
using the temporal filter strength when for the vertical filter pass, instead 
of the spatial strength.  I didn't notice any effect on my video, you'd 
probably need to set spatial and temporal strengths to very different values.  
In any case, the attached patch fixes it.

The previous patch also removed the frame memcpy for the non-MMX filter.  The 
frame is copied as it is filtered, as in the MMX version.  This is slower on 
my system, but I suspect it may be faster on systems that actually lack MMX.  
I doubt it will matter, most likely there are no MythTV users using this 
filter without MMX.  Still, if there is such a person out there, I'd like to 
know which is better for them.
  Andrew Mahone
  andrewmahone AT eml DOT cc
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