[mythtv] [PATCH] Beginning radio pvr support

steve at nexusuk.org steve at nexusuk.org
Tue Jan 13 13:17:20 EST 2004

On Tue, 13 Jan 2004, Edward Wildgoose wrote:

> In the UK on freeview, you are lucky if the data is there and for the 
> correct day...  Actually it's not quite that bad, but sometimes it seems 
> to get messed up quite badly.

The EPG for TV on Sky Digital seems to work (not sure about the radio 
channels), but AFAIK Sky use a nonstandard CAM interface which makes 
DVB-S cards practically useless for picking up the encrypted channels.  
I'd love to be able to use those listing though because they cover more 
channels and further into the future than Ananova.

> I think it handles schedule changes, but I doubt it handles very short 
> term delays or over-running programs (perhaps though...?)

Well, the satellite EPG allows TV channels to signal when the program 
starts - the BBC do this and when I used to use the scheduler on my Sky 
box before I got Myth then this was quite accurate.

> Your problem comes if the user never changes channel (well, changes mux 
> really).  VDR has a process which early in the morning flicks across all 
> multiplexes and makes sure that it has all the new data at least once 
> that day.

When mythbackend is idle, can't it constantly flick through all the MUXes?

Completely unrelated, but with DVB cards can you record more than one 
channel at once if they're in the same MUX?


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