[mythtv] [PATCH] Beginning radio pvr support

Edward Wildgoose Edward.Wildgoose at FRMHedge.com
Tue Jan 13 08:49:32 EST 2004

> I haven't really looked into this yet, but is the now/next data synced
> with the show, ie, if a show starts late, the now/next data will only be
> updated when the show actually starts or when it is scheduled to start?

In the UK on freeview, you are lucky if the data is there and for the correct day...  Actually it's not quite that bad, but sometimes it seems to get messed up quite badly.

Rumour has it that from "Jan 2004" we will get full 7 days epg....  Anyone still got a normal box plugged in to see if it's broadcasting yet?

I think it handles schedule changes, but I doubt it handles very short term delays or over-running programs (perhaps though...?)

> If it is in fact when the show actually starts, then this could make an
> interesting addition to the scheduler. Ie, an option to 'use DVB
> now/next data' where Myth would check the now/next data to see when a
> scheduled recording has actually started and begin the recording at that
> time. If no card is free at the time, it could fall back to the EPG
> obtained from XMLTV.

Kenneth has already kindly built a parser into the DVB code.  The epg info is continuously broadcast with the tv data as I understand it.  You would simply write extra code to continuously update the epg data in the database based on the DVB data.

Your problem comes if the user never changes channel (well, changes mux really).  VDR has a process which early in the morning flicks across all multiplexes and makes sure that it has all the new data at least once that day.

Basically have a look at the DVBChannel.cpp code (I think) and see if you can use it to dig out your DVB epg data (also look at the tools from Metzler bros, etc which can dump all the data out of a live stream so you can check if you are doing the right thing in myth code)


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