[mythtv] Change in MythMusic Makefile. Was it on Purpose?

Gerald Gryschuk gerald.gryschuk at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 11 17:42:07 EST 2004


I'm new here so I can't assume this isn't a problem with my setup.

I've decided I want to help code this great app and to do this properly
you have to be on the bleeding edge(e.g. CVS). So I started downloading
and compiling the CVS modules. I got to MythMusic and ran in to a simple
problem with the Makefile. The include path to 'cdda' seems to have been
removed, on my system the include path is '/usr/include/cdda'. So my
question is, was this change on purpose and do I have to make some kind
of change to my system to accommodate MythMusic? Or is this a mistake?
If it's the latter it's an easy fix, just go in to the code directory of
mythmusic and add back in the '-I/usr/include/cdda' to the "INCPATH'
Gerald Gryschuk <gerald.gryschuk at shaw.ca>

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