[mythtv-users] [mythtv] More recording profiles? (revisited)

Christian Hack christianh at pdd.edmi.com.au
Sun Jan 11 02:39:47 EST 2004

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> I posted this a few days ago but didn't see any replies.  I'm really
> quite curious about this now...
> Ok, so today I offered to record a show for a friend who doesn't have
> cable, but for bandwidth reasons I'd rather not record at my usual
> 5400kbps mpeg4 (about 3 gigs per hour) setting.  However, I already use
> both of the high/low quality recording profiles for other things.   How
> do I set up something like a 320x240 profile?
> (to the dev list) And if this is possible, since it should be, since I'm
> the one working on mythweb, how do I set things up so that I can
> see/select this new profile in mythweb?  Actually, now that I look at
> the database, there doesn't seem to be any way to specify my
> manually-created recording group, since the "profile" row lists the
> profile subcategory, not the profile itself.

I looked at doing something similar although I was more interested in simply
changing the names of the profiles to something that was a bit more
meaningful to me. Specifically I wanted a "Auto Transcode" profile to
automatically transcode a DVB recording.

It would appear the names and number of profiles are hardcoded in these


Changing recordingprofile.h should be enough to add an extra profile I


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