[mythtv] High mysql CPU usage in latest CVS

Torsten Schenkel torsten.schenkel at web.de
Sat Jan 10 18:55:59 EST 2004

Am Sa, den 10.01.2004 schrieb Isaac Richards um 22:03:
> On Saturday 10 January 2004 02:46 pm, Robert Kulagowski wrote:
> > I am seeing the exact same symptoms, but haven't started troubleshooting
> > yet, and hadn't seen that it was linked to mysql.  Good to know that I'm
> > not the only one!
> I know what the issue is, and will work on a fix tonight when I have more 
> time.

Fine, just wanted to start looking at that :-)

I noticed another thing: After watching a recording (having tested live
tv yet, I watch live lesser and lesser lately) it takes about 10 seconds
to get back to the select screen, during those ten seconds I see the
black screen.

Might this be related?

Just noticed this, since my usual behaviour is the hit escape and go off
to the toilet or get a drink or smoke after I finish watching a
recording :-) so it never bothered me/

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