[mythtv] PATCH: mythgame patch for latest mame

Kyle Mestery kmestery at comcast.net
Sat Jan 10 14:52:04 EST 2004

I realize that. Since I don't have any older versions of
mame, I have no idea of knowing when it changed. So, if
someone else has an older version or knows when these
options went away, they can feel free to update this patch.
Without something like it, mythgame does not work with
the latest mame.

On Sat, 10 Jan 2004, DanM wrote:

> You need to put more checks in this instead of defaulting to what ever
> "works".  You could/should do a little digging and figure out when the
> fullscreen option changed and use the version to do the nessicary mojo.
> Kyle Mestery wrote:
> >This patch fixes mythgame and allows it to work with the
> >latest version of mame. Apparently the "-fullview" option
> >has been changed to "-fullscreen" instead. As well, the
> >"-nocursor" option has been removed and no longer applies.
> >
> >Without this patch, myth won't start mame for me. With it,
> >it works. Not sure if older verisons need "-fullview" or
> >not, I don't have any old versions to test.
> >
> >Kyle
> >
> >

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