[mythtv] How to integrate streaming content

Brad Allen Ulmo-Myth-Dev at UseNet.Q.Net
Sat Jan 10 02:35:11 EST 2004

Woops --- I accidentally typed a send command key sequence before I
was done.  Well, that was easy to do ... I'll probably do that often.
Ignore my previous draft version of this message.  (Better save this
paragraph in a form someplace ... or re-enact question asking (oh
well, I know I'm not going to make it ask me confirmation questions,
so I better get ready to explain this a lot.))

> stuff like Internet Radio, webcasts, etc. [...] obviously xmltv
> won't get these...)

Not that obviously: some guides have this integrated already.  I think
Titan (<URL:"http://WWW.TitanTV.Com/">) is the one I'm recalling.
Titan has HDTV, too.  I want to make Titan compatible with XMLTV.
Anybody approached XMLTV about doing that yet?  I was thinking of
contacting Titan myself, and integrating it into Myth, since SQL seems
easy but I don't yet know XML or Perl; then, XMLTV folks could convert
my work into their bletched mess (excuse me, hard work).

Anybody contacted Titan yet?  If there is interest, I'll contact them
myself, and try to make Myth compatible with Titan, since lots of
other places do it.  If Titan requires a monetary contract, I'll
consider doing logistics on that as well (meaning I'll find a cheap
way to transparently pass the costs on in such a way that is
acceptable to me as if I had to use it myself).

> so that you could define a tuner, set a schedule against it, and
> record stuff on it without a new mythmodule.

I always like flexibility, so of course I like this idea, but I'm not
doing it (now).

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