[mythtv] mythvideo - category, country and genre

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Fri Jan 9 17:50:41 EST 2004

On Friday 09 January 2004 17:29, MaxPower wrote:

> Sorry for my poor english but I don't anderstand what your last
> sentence means.
> In my previous post I send you  a diff file between cvs and my
> version of mythvideo (diff -ru)
> Is it what I should send you ?
> Xavier

	Ah, so you did. But it's in .rar format ... which I don't have ... can 
we try a gzip or bzip ? Thanks.

<bad french mode>

	Ah, oui c'est la. Mais c'est dans une .rar fichier ... je n'ai pas rar 
... est-ce que on peux essayer avec gzip ou bzip? Merci.

</bad french mode>

- thor

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