[mythtv] patch - user rankings

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Jan 7 15:41:11 EST 2004

Kirby Vandivort wrote:
> This patch adds in the ability for users to rank shows according to how
> much they like/dislike them.  It will eventually be used to feed the
> recommendation engine.  So, once this is in, start ranking your shows.
> You can rank shows from the info box on a recording, from the delete
> box on a recording, from the info box on a program, and from the
> advanced recording options on a recording.  You can view ranked shows
> from the 'schedule recordings' menu and tweak their rankings from that
> page.

A couple things struck me right away. First, this is incorrectly
named. It should be rating rather than ranking as this rates
titles rather than ranking them (a hotel may have a five star
rating and may be included in a ranking of the top ten hotels
in the world).

The page for viewing the ratings was on the Schedule Recordings
page but it does not select or list shows that will or won't
be recorded. This should probably be in Setup->TV Settings
instead of overfilling the Schedule Recordings menu. The rating
for any scheduled show can still be modified from any options
page under the Schedule Recordings menu. If someone wanted to
revisit and rerate shows (relatively rare) they can go to the
setup section much like the channel priorities.

The box for the list of rated titles is as big as possible and
once again presses text all the way to the edges. The box could
be shorter by at least two rows and allow more border space.
There are other pages that also push things outside of reasonable
overscan areas but these should be fixes too. There is no reason
that this page needs to press things off the edge.

A spinbox would probably be a better choice than a slider on the
options page for setting the rating. It would be more consistent
with other things on the options page and would take up less
space on this already crowded page.

On the info popup, "Select action:" should probably be below the
slider right before the buttons.

--  bjm

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