[mythtv] Database integrity

Timon, John john.timon at labatt.com
Wed Jan 7 13:58:38 EST 2004

further to this question is there any value in having a cron job dump out
the schema+data of the myth database on a regular basis?

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     After having my system crash, I ran into a slight problem I don't think
has been accounted for.  As a result of my crash(and subsequent frontend
crashes), my database was corrupted.  I was able to fix the tables using
"myisamchk", but the data in the tables is still not quite up to snuff.
     This leads to the my question:  Is there a script or utility to restore
data integrity of the mythconverg tables?  For instance, verify that
programs in the "recorded" table actually exist.  If the utility doesn't
exist, could someone create the utility or send me a description of table
relationships and their use in mythtv so I could create it.

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