[mythtv] Mythchannel

Dane Kantner webmaster at dddane.com
Tue Jan 6 19:19:55 EST 2004

> Is anyone working on a a way to adjust the channels and frequencies
> in mythtv for analog TV? I just discovered mythchannel
> (http://www.elserrat.com/MythTV/MythChannels). I am thinking about using
> as a basis for a patch that includes the above functionality. But I'd like
> make sure someone else isn't working on this too.

I looked at the MythChannels when it was fairly new... I don't know that it
worked for me.  But that was three months ago.

Have you tried using the Setup functionality on a recent CVS of mythweb?
You can tweak the frequencies in that table.  I went in and deleted just the
frequency (=channel number) from the channels I didn't want to see in Myth.
Myth now skips these.  I didn't try swapping frequencies, but I imagine that
it would work.


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