[mythtv] Experimental pvr 350 output patch

David Engel dlengel at attbi.com
Tue Jan 6 12:23:22 EST 2004

On Tue, Jan 06, 2004 at 01:41:35AM -0500, Isaac Richards wrote:
> I hope things can get merged into CVS soonish -- it's a real nice improvement 
> to the pvr-350 support.  I've been using your latest patch set and a 
> semi-recent ivtv cvs snapshot to good effect for the past week or two,

I'm glad to hear you like it.  

I hope the latest driver is stable.  I briefly tried the 12/21 version
but it locked up frequently for me.  Before I left, I reverted back to
the 11/25A version and everything I had scheduled was recorded.

David Engel
dlengel at attbi.com

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