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Martin Moeller martin at martinm-76.dk
Sun Jan 4 17:10:28 EST 2004

Okay. Maybe I got ahead of myself.

The script does, or tries to do, the following:

* Search the program table for keywords in
  a) the description. Either:
    1) up until the first period - or -
    2) the entire description.
  b) the title of the show, including the subtitle.

* Maps the keywords to categories (e.g. Badminton->Sports,
Science.Fiction->SciFi, etc..)

* Writes the categories, and in special cases, category_types back to
the database.

It is done in bash because that is what I know best, but it can easily
be remade in another language by someone adept in that language :)

The reason for this script is mostly that my feed does not assign
categories directly, but the comments and titles usually hint at it or
say so outright. There are a few cases of false positives using this
approach, but rarely any that truly matters (at least on my testbase).

Better write that in the README tomorrow :)


søn, 2004-01-04 kl. 22:47 skrev Tobias Luetke:
> Martin Moeller wrote:
> Could you please elaborade a bit what your script does?
> I read every post in this thread and the docu which comes with your 
> contribution.
> Its actually quite amusing that you don't seem to state that anywhere :)
> > Hi everyone.
> > 
> > I am now pleased enough with my category script to subject it to
> > scrutiny (meaning you). It should work on pretty much anything, but
> > local adaption for a couple of things are likely necessary if you're not
> > using channel data my tv_grab_dk grabber for program listings (included
> > for those interested).
> > 
> > Comments would be most welcome. I hope to have this accepted into
> > 'contrib' in the near future...
> > 
> > Belated Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all :)
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