[mythtv] [PATCH] MPEG2->MPEG2 commercial cut (myth patch)

DBakker at arrayasolutions.com DBakker at arrayasolutions.com
Sun Jan 4 11:35:28 EST 2004

Some notes:
        1. A cutlist starting with 0 doenst work
        2.  With a cutlist I ran out of video buffers. I tried cranking 
line 162 from 500 to 10000 and it didnt help.
        3. The encoded video (with and without  -l ) is very choppy. With 
no cutlist my file shrank from 1.2GB to 1GB. Not sure where the 200MB went 
but it might be needed. Is it DVD NAV sequences?
        4. I noticed this message in my nuv.log "Found 0 bytes of garbage 
data before header".

I put my nuv.log up on line (you know where) if you want it.

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Re: [mythtv] [PATCH] MPEG2->MPEG2 commercial cut (myth patch)

Okay, here is a minor update.  It replaces the old patch (apply it to
clean CVS)
Allow upto 500 buffers for audio/video deskew.
Support padding frames in video streams.  This is apparently a
manifestation of a libavformat bug, but this is a reasonable fix until
that has been sorted.
Cutlists should work a bit better.  Support for cutlists beginning at
frame '0'
You can specify the cutlist while using the '-i' switch on the command
line as:
mythtranscode -i file -l "start-dest start-dest ..."
(the -l parameter MUST occur after the -i paramter).  a list for the '-l'
switch is only supported when '-i' is specified.  This should facilitate

The following are known issues that still need resolution:
We need to rebuild the keyframe index once the transcoding is done.
The new code needs to check for changes to the DB and recover.

I appreciate the bug reports I've gotten so far, and would appreciate
more from any other brave souls.

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