[mythtv] DVB audio rate fixed?

Paul Woodward paul_woodward at fastnet.co.uk
Thu Jan 1 16:27:45 EST 2004

Hi Kenneth,

I'm using MythTV-0.13. ffmpeg isn't installed on my box.

I'm slightly puzzled. The backend seems fine - no errors at all, it's only the front end that complains about excess audio.

I can also play the stream using:
dvbstream -f529833333 -cr3_4 -qam16 -ps 204 443 -o | mplayer -
and it's perfect.

What does the front end use to decode/play the stream?

Thanks, Paul

> Hi,
> Paul Woodward wrote:
> > Is the DVB audio bit-rate fixed at 128kb/sec? Might be
> > jumping to conclusions, but here's my scenario:
> It should not be, as it's based on libavcodec (ffmpeg), which also
> mplayer hase built in.
> > I am trying to use the UK freeview radio channels (BBC7
> > etc.), but the frontend complains about 'Audio buffer
> > overflow' and it's very broken up. (I have set the Video PID
> > to another channel's video pid to keep myth from crashing).
> This overflow is probably caused by other problems than decoder
> (libavcodec) trouble. Which version of MythTV have you?
> > The only difference between the radio station and BBC
> > Parliament (which works fine, video pid as above) as far as I
> > can tell is that the audio on BBCP is 128kb/sec and BBC7 is
> > transmitted at 160kb/sec.
> >
> > I can play both fine using dvbstream and mplayer on the command line.
> mplayer does not use ffmpeg by default, but this can be specified on the
> cmd line, check man for details.
> Kenneth
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