[mythtv] [Patch] catching up new grabber for Japan, new field for title sort

Takeru KOMORIYA komoriya at paken.org
Thu Feb 26 07:44:16 EST 2004


I am a developper of xmltv grabber for Japan.
The patch for tv_grab_ja has been kindly posted by Hirobumi Shimada
already, but we need more patch for the grabber which was officially
commited into xmltv cvs recently.
Sorry for confusing but I changed the name to tv_grab_jp from
tv_grab_ja and added some options.
Here's a patch(mythtv-cvs-xmltv-jp.patch) for current cvs(hopefully
can be applyed cleanly).

BTW, I have one more suggestion: adding a new field 'title-readstr' to
program table for the better title sorting.
'title-readstr' represents how to pronounce the title(though I am not
sure this is proper English...).
Because Japanese title in Kanji(Chinese charactor) have many ways of
pronunciation(and there're thousands of kind in Kanji), it cannot be
sorted easily. So I added a option for outputting Hiragana(strings
which represents unique pronuncication) to the grabber.
Yes, it may not affects for many languages, but I believe that some
languages like Japanese needs such feature.

Current mythtv assumes that Hiragana is in sub-title, but I think
adding a new field is better(because I don't want to see Hiragana on
screen, and tv_grab_jp may output real sub-title in future).
Please think of attached patch(mythtv-cvs-readstr.patch).

Thanks in advance,
Takeru Komoriya
 komoriya at paken.org
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