[mythtv] PATCH - Category, genre and country in mythvideo

Xavier Hervy maxpower44 at tiscali.fr
Thu Feb 26 07:29:32 EST 2004

Xavier Hervy wrote:
> Ok, I change a lot of things. what's new :
> - remove the filter item in the main menu
> - remove the parental level in filter dialog
> + set a explicit text in filter dialog to inform how many video are 
> selected
> - Fix bug videobrowser don't update after filter selection
> - Fix bug when left is push and the save button have focus
> + add grabber allocine.fr (french) to grab movie information (script perl)
> + in videomanager, the default filter is all videos
> + add remove capability in videomanager (key press "D" or MENU => Remove 
> video)
> - Change the cover filename to the inetref + extension (should be 
> unique) because the allocine website store often poster as affiche.jpg

- bug fix in changing cover filename

- bug fix allocine grabber. the original format for tuntime is 1 h 30 
and the format in myth is 90. the previous grabber don't work if a movie 
don't have minutes (for example  2 h => 120 minutes). this grabber don't 
work if the movie don't have hours (never arrived yet !).

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