[mythtv] mythtranscode segfault: minilzo: can't decompress illegal data

Immle Immle at gmx.net
Mon Feb 23 10:02:09 EST 2004


I tried to convert a recording to SVCD using nuvexport, however I didn't 
have much luck. I ended up with about 400 seconds of mpeg which I didn't 
even bother to play, because the original recording was about 1 hour. So 
after running nuvexport --debug and running the resulting command by 
hand, I found that mythtranscode segfaults after about 10000 frames (see 
output below). It seems it has trouble decompressing a frame/packet. Is 
there a way to make mythtranscode just drop any corrupted frames and 
continue? I had a quick glance at the relevant code but didn't quite 
understand it.
The video has been recorded by a Hauppauge WinTV (conventional) using 
RTJPEG in PAL land if that matters.
Btw., does anybody know if the PVR-350 tv-out decoder can play 
SVCD-compliant MPEGs? Because the reason I tried this in the first place 
was to be able to watch my RTJPEG recordings on the PVR-350 tv-out 
without stuttering.


Output of mythtranscode:

# mythtranscode -p autodetect -c 8 -s 2004-02-12-20-10-00 -f 
fifodir.8784 --fifosync

2004-02-23 14:13:48 Transcoding from 
to /video/8_20040212201000_20040212211500.nuv.tmp
2004-02-23 14:13:48 Enforcing sync on fifos
2004-02-23 14:13:48 Created video fifo: fifodir.8784/vidout
2004-02-23 14:13:48 Created audio fifo: fifodir.8784/audout
2004-02-23 14:13:48 Video 576x432 at 25fps Audio rate: 32000
2004-02-23 14:13:48 Created fifos. Waiting for connection.
2004-02-23 14:13:48 Audio is 89ms ahead of video at # 0
2004-02-23 14:14:43 Audio is 60ms ahead of video at # 2
--- various complaints about audio beeing ahead or behind ---
2004-02-23 14:55:21 Audio is 45ms ahead of video at # 10336
2004-02-23 14:55:22 Audio is 42ms behind video at # 10338
minilzo: can't decompress illegal data
2004-02-23 14:55:35 Searching for frame header.
Broken packet: D 15996789
Segmentation fault

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