[mythtv] [patch] WS stretch mode

Jarod C. Wilson jcw at wilsonet.com
Sun Feb 22 16:01:23 EST 2004

On Feb 22, 2004, at 12:09, Ed Wildgoose wrote:

>>>> Here's a patch that adds one more zoom mode. This is for when 
>>>> stations add
>>>> black bars to the sides of a 4:3 show to make it a 16:9 format. The 
>>>> new 16:9
>>>> stretch mode just cuts off those bars.
>>> Does the 16:9 zoom not do the same thing for you?  That's what I 
>>> have been using to zoom into shows with black borders on every 
>>> side...?
>> I believe he's referring to shows that are broadcast in HD 16:9 
>> signals, but are actually 4:3 images, so there are black bars on the 
>> sides, but not the bottom. Using the current 16:9 zoom would cut out 
>> a good portion of the top and bottom of the picture. (The current 
>> 16:9 zoom does kicks ass for the stuff broadcast letter-boxed in a 
>> 4:3 signal though ;-).
> I thought *THAT* was the 4:3 zoom mode though?

Nope, that'll only work on an actual 4:3 signal. This is a 16:9 signal, 
but with only 4:3's worth of actual picture. The black bars on the 
sides are part of the video stream. Since it is a 16:9 signal, not a 
4:3, the 4:3 zoom mode can't zoom it. Or at least, I think that's the 
case (now I'm not sure)...

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE

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