[mythtv] Drop-downs clearing themselves...

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Fri Feb 20 13:24:26 EST 2004

> I've noticed recently that the drop-downs for Artist, album and genre in 
> the MythMusic dialog clear themselves when they loose focus on my 
> machines.  I figured this would be something that the users would yell 
> about, so I thought I'd check and see if any of you could repro this 
> behavior before I dove in to tracking it down.

Are they set to editable?  I added code a while back to make comboboxes
accept the current value if they were editable and lose focus rather than
requiring the user to hit ENTER (which doesn't work too well on the
advanced recording screen in mythfrontend).  The code should only be
run if they are editable though.



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