[mythtv] Signal strength check

Daniel Thor Kristjansson danielk at cat.nyu.edu
Wed Feb 18 18:00:34 EST 2004

]> This patch should not be applied to CVS, though I'd love it if the
]> use-mouse and hdtv-videodev patches were applied...
]I'd support this, as well as your hdtvrecorder reorg / CRC checking and
]signal-strength backoff patches (though I'd suggest a threshold of 60
]rather than 70 -- one of the stations I get just fine often comes in at
]~68 or so).  I've been running this code for about a week and it's a
]definite improvement on weak stations.

How about we split the difference at 65? I hope this number will go down
further as the stream parsing gets better, but it's ok to be a little
conservative, no? Should I perhaps make the required signal strength
a configuration option?

]The use-mouse patch: my only suggestion is to always turn off the mouse
]cursor when video is being shown, but maybe that's just me :-)

I have this problem of losing the cursor while playing something, but I
don't want to pause the video just to play with some applet for 3
seconds. But perhaps a "hide mouse except when video is playing and not
paused" option would be better? But that can be applied as an
improvement on this later on. I was also thinking of maybe having the
mouse disappear after a few seconds of video playing until you moved
the mouse again, I saw that in some other video player.

]I suggest submitting those patches each in their own separate mail
]message, with a nice descriptive subject in case Isaac is not following
]this thread.  You'd either have to include your three interrelated hdtv
]patches in one message, or wait for the videodev patch to be applied to
]submit the other two.

Ok, I just did this. I'll just wait for the videodev patch, since the
hdtv patches can be considered independently once it is applied.

]> Note: I broke the XvMC deinterlacing this time around, I don't know
]> exactly what went wrong, but I lost some changes in the C++ style
]> cleanup :/
]I'm also still (slowly) working on better deinterlacing framework
](specifically, support for deinterlacers that double the framerate) and
]I'll definitely tie in with the xvmc work at that time.  At a first look
]I didn't spot any real code changes there either :-( -- have you tried
]rebooting?  Maybe it's a hardware/driver issue.

Hmmm, rebooting, no I haven't tried that. I run Gentoo on the box I
develop Myth on; I sync nightly with the latest portage so I always have
a slight fear that it's gone and upgraded glibc or something since I
last rebooted.

-- Daniel

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